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Jul 04, 2020

Valorant Agent Guide: Sage

Sage is a Support Agent who's main focus is to heal her allies and control the map with her abilities. Her Ultimate can be game changes, it gives your the ability to resurrect her allies. She also has a wall and an AOE slow to help you defend a bomb …
Jul 04, 2020

Valorant Agent Guide: Jett

Jett is a Duelist and is one of Valorant's hardest character to master. Her kit allows her to move around the map anbd reach high places on the map that only few other Agents can. Other than just move around quickly, she also has a smoke screen gives her the …
Jul 04, 2020

Valorant Agent Guide: Raze

Raze is the only Agent that only has damaging spells, making her one of the most dangerous character in Valorant to go up against. Her Ultimate ability allows her to use a rocket launcher that can instantly kill anyone in an AOE explosion. And not just that, she also has …

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