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Valorant Guide: How to play Sage

Sage is a Support Agent who's main focus is to heal her allies and control the map with her abilities. Her Ultimate can be game changes, it gives your the ability to resurrect her allies. She also has a wall and an AOE slow to help you defend a bomb site or even enter one. Find out more about Sage's abilities.


Create a wall to block the enemies vision and path. Hold right-click to rotate the wall to fit your needs.


  • Sage wall has diffrent segments, each segments has its own health. The only way to go through the is to break one of these segments. When using Barrier Orb, make sure you don't block yourself in some places as the only way to get out is to destroy it.
  • Before placing the wall down, you can stand where the will rise to boost yourself up on top of the wall.

    Throw an orb that will explode upon hitting the ground and slowing all enemies and allies in that area for a certain time.


  • The slow field expands for a second or two after hitting the ground. While it expands, the slow isn't at it's full strength and you can hop over it with some jumps.
  • Your allies are slowed as well, so be careful when and where you use it.

    Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.


  • This ability heal quite slowly, make sure to use it as early as possible. Also it has a cooldown and will always come back up, so don't hesitate to use it even when your allies are only missing a few hp.
  • Your allies can die instantly, a few hp can turn around a fight that would've been lost.

    Target a friendly corpse. After a short delay, revive them with full health.


  • After casting, the resurrection animation is quite long. There's also a loud noise and an alert in the kill feed as soon as you use the ability so make sure you use it somewhere safe.
  • If your ally died in plain sight, consider using your wall to block the enemy's vision.
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