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Valorant Guide: How to play Raze

Raze is the only Agent that only has damaging spells, making her one of the most dangerous character in Valorant to go up against. Her Ultimate ability allows her to use a rocket launcher that can instantly kill anyone in an AOE explosion. And not just that, she also has grenades and her satchel charges are also dangerous explosives that can destroy anyone, not to mention her little robot that is basically a bomb on wheels. Here are all of Raze’s abilities and the best ways to use them.


Grab a Boom Bot. Firing will send the bot forward in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. As soon as the Boom Bot finds an enemy, it will lock to it and chase it until it explodes dealing heavy damage. The enemy can shoot the Boom Bot to destroy it.


  • The Boom Bot travels in a straight line, but with the right angles, it can enter rooms and scout them for enemies.
  • The Boom Bot can be destroyed by enemies. After throwing the robot listen for enemy shots that way if you drestroy it before it explodes you'll still know where they are.

    Instantly throw a Black Pack that will stick to surfaces. Re-Cast the ability after using it the first time to make it explode, damaging and bumping anything it hits.


  • Raze can use these Blast Packs to give her mobility. If you throw one at your feet and jump it can propel you into the air and on top of boxes. Raze is immune the the damage of the Blast Packs.
  • Blast Packs can be used to check corners. Throw one in a room you haven't check. Although it won't kill a full health enemy, it's still enough to scare them and make them move.

    Equip a grenade. Fire to throw tghe grenade. The grenade does damage after detonating and will create sub-munitions, each doing damage to anyone in range.


  • This grenade can kill players without armor, so throwing on into a small room where the enemy are clustered can be a game changing play that can grab you some free rounds.
  • The grenade can hurt both Raze and her allies. Be careful when using them so you don't damage your team.
  • If you throw Paint Shells in the air, it can explode while traveling, making the sub-munitions rain down the heads of anyone underneath. This can be a great way to deal some damage before entering a bomb site with your team.

    Equip a rock launcher that fores a rocket that does massive AOE damage, damaging everyone in the area.


  • Showstopper has a pretty long equip time, make sure you activate it before getting in fire range.
  • Raze is not immuned to Showstopper's damage.
  • Unlike most of the ultimates in Valorant, Showstopper can only remain active for a limited time which will be displayed at the bottom of your screen, which is quite short, make sure not to use it too early.
  • When Raze fires the Showstopper, she will be knocked backwards, which you can use for some mobility.
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