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Valorant Guide: How to play Jett

Jett is a Duelist and is one of Valorant's hardest character to master. Her kit allows her to move around the map anbd reach high places on the map that only few other Agents can. Other than just move around quickly, she also has a smoke screen gives her the ability to cut off the enmemy's vision, and an Ultimate ability that is as deadly as any other weapon in the game. Find out more about Jett's abilities.


Throw out a cloud of fogt hat blocks the enemy's vision on impact. You can control the cloud's trajectory while it's flying by holding the ability button.


  • The clouds are very small but are a great tool to prevent enemy from holding certain angles. Because you can bend the clouds to your will, you can use this ability showing yourself.
  • The ability travel time is very fast, which allows you to setup plays almost instantly.
  • In some cases, you can throw your Cloudburst directly at an enemy to blind them.

    After a small cast time, propel yourself upwards.


  • This ability is one of the only ways in Valorant to get to high places. You can jump on unpredicatable places, such as high boxes or even Sage's wall ability and catch your enemies off-guard as they will not expect you to be here since there's not a lot of Agents who can reach those places.
  • While jumping or using Jett's hover ability, your shots won't be accurate. Avoid using this ability during a fight on in front of an enemy as you'll be moving slowly and enemies will be able to shoot you with ease.

    Immediately dash a short distance in the direction you're moving.


  • This ability is one of the best to get out of sticky situations or to reposition yourself. You can check a corner to see how many enemies are there, and depending on the situation, you can instantly dash sideways or backwards to get back to safety.
  • You'll dash in whatever direction (WASD), this includes diagonally.
  • Be careful when you dash, after casting Tailwind, you will have to pull your weapon back out, which will leave you unarmed during that time frame. Avoid dashing directly towards your enemies but instead use it to position yourself.
  • This ability will refresh for every two kills Jett gets.

    Arm yourself with deadly throwing knives that deal 50 damage in the body and kills on headshots. Killing an enemy will restore every dagger. Left click throws a single dagger. Right click throws all remaining daggers in short-ranged burst.


  • Unlike guns, this ability is a hitscan on left click, even while hovering or jumping.
  • Blade Storm's also draw quicker than normal weapons when you dash forward, so you can dash into an enemy and use right click to kill them instantly and refresh your knives.
  • Blade Storm will last during the entire round, so during eco rounds, you can use them to replace your weapons to save even more Creds. Just keep in mind that if you don't kill your enemies, you'll be stuck with a pistol.
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